I guess I ought to post the results here as well, for those who don't read my Facebook or G+.

The polyps were NOT cancerous. However, they were suspicious, so I have to have another scope in a year. Yippee.

A thought

I'm like yogurt:

Fruit on the bottom.

We've got diverticuliiiiiiiiiitis!

The weather ALMOST fucked things up, but the anal probe is over. I have mild diverticulosis, and they took out a few polyps.  They appear to be benign, but could have become cancerous if left undetected another year. I'll get results of the biopsy on Friday.


Commence preparations A-G

Colonoscopy prep begins now.
Gonna be a shitty night.



I've spent too much time today reading old posts.

Well, I lied

I told people this was the 10th anniversary of my first Fiesta. I based this on the collection of lanyards I had from past events. It turns out after re-reading LJ entries that LAST year was my 10 anniversary. My first Fiesta was 2003.


An apology

I just reread a bunch of posts from 2006. It appears that I am a whiny bitch.


Greek yogurt!

Watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" again last night for the umpteenth time. Now I'm dreaming of Louis Mandylor and Joey Fatone teaching me "Greek".

My kingdom for a proofreader

I've been reading a lot of indy-published ebooks lately. While most of them are charming pieces of light entertainment, I'm starting to long for the days of large publishing houses that had a staff of actual humans to critically read through manuscripts for errors. Let's face it, spell check and grammar check programs are maybe 60% accurate at best. It takes a real person reading through to catch usage errors, continuity errors, and the like. As a person who does NOT speed-read, I read each word and savor the sentences. Errors that were missed by someone scanning over the doc at 2 seconds a page jump out at me and really hurt.


plus ca change

This is the Wicked Witch of the Western Hemisphere, and, quite frankly, he's worse than the other one was.

Fiesta 2013

Van and RonDominickNinoFrank"s/Francisco"sIMG_20130118_170203_722

Fiesta 2013, a set on Flickr.

My pictures from Fiesta are up on flickr.

Fear us

The world should fear 10 gay men playing "Cards Against Humanity". I have not laughed as hard and as breathlessly in a good long time. It helped bring me out of a bit of a funk.

I love my sick, perverted friends.


Culture clash

The bears do not have the hotel to ourselves. The hotel's events coordinator has booked a baby shower into one of the multipurpose rooms that we're not using. The big ballroom is used by a local Seventh Day Adventists on Saturday for their worship service. I think there's even a wedding reception going on today. On top of that, there are regular people staying in the hotel.

We are having a "pool party" today, so the bears are poolside, basking. At one point, I saw someone splashing in the pool, then noticed it was a boy about 10 years old or so. He was only in for a few minutes before he got out and a man I assume was his father protectively put a towel around the kid's shoulders and escorted him from the pool area. Not sure if Dad made his son get out of the pool so he wouldn't catch the gay, or if the pool was too cold for the kid.

Relaxing day.


fiesta friday

fiesta friday, originally uploaded by robearal.

showered, moisturized, and ready for another fun filled day.

A Christmas Carol (1949)

Oh wow. Found another one on YouTube, this one a 25 minute (!!) adaptation narrated by Vincent Price. The acting, such as it is, reminded me of bad community theater. But despite the bad acting, it has a certain charm.

To fit it all in 25 minutes, it's strictly bare bones, with the ghostly visitations focussing on the Cratchit family. And once again, Scrooge shows up, unplucked turkey in hand, at the Cratchit's house, this time dragging along Fred and his wife, for dinner. Did these writers think that bird was going to cook itself in one hour?


A Christmas Carol (1969)

I just relived a bit of my childhood christmases. I watched the 1969 animated A Christmas Carol on YouTube. In the 1970s, this was shown every year in the afternoon/early evening a couple times before Christmas. And wow, did they take liberties with the story. Naturally, they had to cut out some of the places visited with the Ghosts of Christmas. But they also added a bunch of stuff. There's a whole added subplot of Scrooge periodically taking snuff and not being able to sneeze because, as the Ghost of Xmas Present tells him, he's too miserly even to give away sneezes. As a matter of fact, most of the interactions with Xmas Present are invented for this production, with scarcely any of the original material at all.

The ghost of Marley scared the crap out of me as a kid, and creeped me out a bit as an adult. He has a flaming skull like Ghost Rider, instead of the kerchief-wrapped head of Jacob Marley as he appeared in life. They also messed up the Ghost of Xmas Past. Here, he is portrayed as a white-bearded old man with a shepherd's crook instead of an androgynous, child-like being.

Other rewrites: The spirits all visit on one night at 1, 2, and 3 o'clock. Scrooge takes the turkey, goes shopping, and shows up at the Cratchit's house to eat with them instead of with Fred.

It's no wonder I kept getting confused as a kid when I saw more faithful adaptations.


We gonna Fiesta

Just registered for La Fiesta de los Osos. Now I have to decide on exact dates to make my plane and hotel reservations.

Should I show up on Wednesday (really early) or Thursday? I'll be leaving Monday.

Thinking of getting a room to myself so I don't have to inconvenience roommates with my sluttiness.



I've been contemplating for a while. Who's going to Fiesta?  I have the time and the money to go this year, but it is a bit late to be finally looking into it.

I'll need  I'd like to share a room to cut down costs.


Halloween 2012

The shirt? I think I got this wifebeater at WalMart. Why?

Rob Halloween 2012

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